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Canon: Just as it says. Canon. No Alex, whatever happens to poor boy on show happens in this verse. Open for relationship developments, not meaning just romantic or romantic at all. Friends, love interest, throw an idea at me in PM. Prompts and main rp. Open for anyone to know him. Most of his sixwordstories posts and responses to people will be this verse unless noted or the person knows him in one of the other verses then it's a given.

Daddy: Greg is single and taking care of his son Alex (rp spawned child) on his own juggling work and fatherhood. (Prompt writing and rp if you want him.)

Five Boroughs: Greg has transferred to NYC as this rp is set there. He's getting settled in, after getting a job offer and feeling he needed to explore his options. Spurred on by the departure of Grissom, and encouraged in a way to do so. (rp only, possible prompts. A lot of sixwordstories will also be open to this verse.)

Gives me a few different ways of writing him to hopefully keep him alive and going. Pick a verse or all to play with him in.

[WM] 76.1.F - "I don't remember anything past getting hit over the head with something."

"I don't remember anything past getting hit over the head with something."

"Just relax Greg, you got a pretty nasty bump."

Greg just looked up at his new night supervisor Catherine Willows, seeing more then one of her he shook his head to try and clear it. Bad move, he learned that quickly. Catherine sent an EMT to check him out a bit before checking with other people. She wasn't thrilled one of her team got hurt. She returned shortly and sat with him.

"What can you remember Greg?"

"We got the call and I showed up on the scene. I didn't see anyone, neither did the officers on the scene. So I went inside, and that's when I heard someone. I turned and I saw a brief glimpse of a face, not much. That was right before my head was greeted by a baseball bat."

"Yeah they took a pretty good swing at you. I want you to go to the hospital and get checked out Greg."

"Catherine I'm fine."

"Greg that was an order."

He looked up and was met by Catherine's don't mess with me face. The face that always made Greg feel like he was in big trouble, then again Catherine was like an older sister type and he respected her. And so relented.

"Alright if you think it's that bad."

"I just want to be sure you are alright Greg. Go."

Greg smiled and stood allowing himself to be taken to the hospital and checked out. He was fine, a slight concussion and he went home calling Catherine to let her know and was told to take the next day off. He called everyone else then to let them know what happened, and listened to her worry over the phone. All in a days work.

Muse | Greg Sanders
Fandom | CSI: Las Vegas
Word Count | 300
Catherine used within is not binding on any played Catherine.

Christmas Dinner [for rileyadams]

It had been a few days since they'd gone out to eat after work, and ended up making out in the backseat of his truck. True to his word he didn't breathe a word of it to anyone. He did his play flirting here and there at work which was nothing unusual. He actually enjoyed having someone around that could get his humor sometimes and not look at him oddly.

Christmas day came and he was looking forward to spending more time with Riley, who he was surprised after kissing him wanted to still go somewhere with him. He wasn't one of those guys that had super high self esteem but he did have some. He just saw most women as being out of his league. They had agreed for him to pick her up at eight so that's when he showed up.

Knocking on her door dressed semi nicely in a pair of black slacks and a black long sleeve shirt. He waited for her to answer the door.

Springboard: How did I get here?

For me I think it was the idea of being able to help out the police. To unlock the mysteries of the people that tried to leave no trace of their crime. Not thinking or even realizing a strand of hair falling off their shoulder, or that little scratch would lead to their downfall. Of course they are smarter now and try to leave less behind. That's what makes it fun.

My family well up until recently they still thought I stayed working in the lab safe. I think my poor mother almost keeled over when I told her I was in the field. That and finding out I was shot at, and that I ended up in the hospital after getting beaten. They'd rather their only child to play it safe. Though they aren't as bad as they used to be. I think having a grandson helps.

That's how I got where I am. Pushing myself and looking for new challenges. Just like when the lab got too mundane I made the choice to go out in the field and become an actual CSI.

[WM] 37.4 - Ficlet

Greg still at times was haunted by the face of Demetrius James and those white contacts of his. That night played over and over still in his head. Sure he was exonerated of the charges. Then the city settling out of court with his family. The fact of the matter for Greg was he killed someone. Someone that could have been apprehended differently. Someone who possibly hate a bright future ahead of them and he had cut it short. In a blink of an eye, as his heart pounded in his chest, in a ploy to frighten the young man he stepped on the gas planning to stop in time. The rushing towards his Denali had changed that.

He'd simply wanted to save a man's life and in the end took the life of another. Pats on the back about how well he did in saving a man's life did little to take the bitterness of killing a man from him. All part of the job he kept telling himself over and over. It's what he had to do in order to keep going. The bitterness had faded but Greg would always carry along the fact he killed someone.

He'd be sitting and playing with Alex and smile then the thought of an older Alex asking him if he'd ever killed anyone on his job and he could feel his throat tighten. Would he be honest? Would he tell his son about Demetrius? Greg knew the answer to that, he knew he would. He was honest with his son, always promised to be so.

Greg had all the guilt in the world that the courts said he didn't have. Though he knew the day killing someone on the job didn't effect him, it was time to quit.

Greg Sanders // CSI // 294 words

[TBS] 2.5.3.F - Oxymoron: Criminal Justice.

Alex was a curious kid then again he seemed to take after Greg in a lot of things. He was nearing the age of three and seemed older then that. He heard Greg on the phone talking and mentioning the Criminal Justice system and that made Alex wonder something. So he waited patiently until Greg took notice and knew that quizzical look, it had mirrored his own when he was younger. So much like his parents had Greg nurtured that thirst for knowledge his son had and hung up the phone.

"What is it little man?"

"Daddy why do they call it criminal justice? shouldn't they get in troubles because they criminals?"

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Greg Sanders // CSI // 312 words

[TM] 218 - Write about a lie your parents told you.

My parents have always been pretty honest with me so this is a hard topic to even fathom. Mom and dad had no secrets to be honest. They nurtured my curiousity. Maybe the only thing was their reasons for not wanting me to play sports. That they didn't want me getting hurt. I mean yeah that was part of it, but they never told me until I was older there was a selfishness behind it. That because I was an only child in their dreams of having a lot of children I was sheltered because they couldn't afford for their only child to get hurt. I missed out on some stuff because of it.

I just know with Alexander? I won't lie to him, I mean yeah sure the typical things parents say I'll do. Like Santa and the Easter Bunny, I mean his eyes light up at the very thought who am I to take that from him so young? Unlike me even if he ends up being my only child he'll get to do whatever he likes.

Don't get me wrong, I still would be who I am today and do what i do, just a bit more rounded in other ares. I mean closest I got to playing football? My game system.

Greg Sanders // CSI // 214 Words

[TM] 214 - "To be great is to be misunderstood." -R.W. Emerson or Oscar Wilde

It is said those who are misunderstood the most tend to turn out to be the greats. The inventers, the ones that find a cure for something. Some even say the scientists who discover new things, things that go missed by another. Maybe it's because we analyze things a bit closer, we look deeper into things. We leave no preverbial stone unturned. It is our quest for knowledge, for the truth that drives us.

Growing up I tried fitting in though with the way my parents were it was hard. Being their only child in their dreams of having several children. Because of this I wasn't permitted to play sports, instead i gave in to my love of science. I'm not sure if I'd be a different person if I was allowed to play sports, and be like everyone else. Would I be doing the job I am doing today? Would I have pushed science aside to seem normal?

I was misunderstood, now am I great? I don't think so, but that's not for me to decide.

Greg Sanders // CSI // 177 Words